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Our story ends in front of a pile of Ukrainian crepes. Some are flavored with savory herbs and cottage cheese, and others are filled with strawberries, vanilla and sweet cheese. These crepes, called nalysnyky (gnaw-lees-nike), make the perfect Mother’s Day meal. But first, some thoughts on the true meaning of Mother’s Day. (more)

James Joyce’s masterpiece Ulysses is 100 years old this year. With Bloomsday coming up, here is a hearty, meaty stew with a Guinness stout-based broth to warm your bones and get you in the mood. You can also prepare it Osso Bucco style, as pictured.   (more)

Driving home from that Walmart parking lot, the car smelled of sulphrous garlic funk, and I could not have been happier. I opened the window to catch a warm whiff of mud, and the world finally felt like spring. With fresh garlic chives in the bag, I felt a familiar but rusty hankering for a certain egg pancake I always make when I have the means.(more)