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Homemade Ketchup


It’s easy to take ketchup for granted. To just assume it will always be there. But once our all-American burger and fries arrive, if we don’t have ketchup we have a problem.

KO’d by Eggplant


Imam Bayildi  is an eggplant dish named for its ability to separate a man from his consciousness.  The Turkish phrase means, “the Imam fainted,” and the implication is that the decadent and aromatic experience of eating this glorious dish knocked the Imam out cold.

Caprese Cookery


Caprese, everyone’s favorite Italian salad, is a simple dish. Yet the mere combination of tomato, basil and mozzarella cheese, dusted with salt and drizzled with olive oil, accomplishes so much. Dressed in the colors of the Italian flag, caprese exemplifies the fresh, ingredient-centric ethos of that cuisine.

Garlic Salad

garlic, salad
Not Tonight, Vampires “The first time I tried your dad’s salad, ” recalls my friend Terrie, “my eyes popped open and my mouth was burning and I was like, ‘What tha…’” Her experience was far from unique. And like the rest of them, she came to love dad’s salad, garlic…


“Always drink your best beer,” says my buddy Chad Harder. “That way you will always be drinking your best beer.” This mantra is as close to religion as Harder may ever get. And its wisdom is available to all, including non-beer drinkers like myself, whose fridge is not teeming with…

Melting Pot Ramen


Growing up, stir-fry was the veggie-disposal method of choice in my family.  These days I prefer a packet of quality ramen noodles. Especially in summer, when the additional hydration is crucial.  And if the broth is spicy, you’ll find yourself coated in a refreshing layer of sweat — befitting a hot summer ramence. 


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