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Based on a dish that was once used to feed army battalions, vichyssoise was popularized by Julia Child, who once said it was her favorite soup. It bewitched a young Anthony Bourdain and turned him into a foodie. It’s like a thin version of buttered, creamy mashed potatoes, flavored with onions and leeks. And who wouldn’t want to consume bowl after bowl of that?

Miso Shishito


Shishitos are finger-length, thin-skinned, wrinkled, and usually mild, but every now and then you’ll get a hot one, which keeps things exciting. My introduction to this pepper came at the farmers market in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where growers bill them as “frying chiles.”

Zucchini Pizza


Move over cauliflower crust pizza. In the never-ending hunt to find ways to` use zucchini, this is a brilliant addition to the arsenal.

Purslane Chile Verde

purslane, tomatillo
Chile Verde with purslane A stew fit for two misfits Pity the misfit tomatillo, aka the Mexican husk tomato. Most cooks don’t know what to do with that swaddled orb that looks like a paper lantern and tastes like some underripe fruit. Green salsa is the most common application, but…

Kosher Dill Fridge Pickles


For many if not most home canners, myself included, pickles were the gateway. My first food preservation project ever was a batch of bread and butter cucumber pickles, followed by a batch of whole lemon cucumbers

Basil Carbonara

Basil Carbonara My children have an arrangement with an area farmer. After the weekly farmers market, he supplies them with surplus produce, which they sell at a roadside stand in front of our house. They split the proceeds 50/50, with the farmer getting half, and the boys dividing the other.…


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