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Overnight Grains


Overnight oats are currently having a moment as a breakfast fad, but the dish is based on a very old concept: the fact that you can prepare grains by soaking, rather than cooking them.

Carrot Aioli


Nearly 2% of the land in the lower 48 states is lawn. In most populated areas the percentage is even higher. It’s fair to say that most of us have too much lawn and not enough garden. Especially this time of year, when you keep getting ambushed by little plants at the farmers market. You bring them home and have nowhere to put them.

The Dandelion Challenge


I make a point to eat a dandelion every day. The whole plant is edible, from the sunny top to the deep taproot, and all the stem, stalk and leaf in between.  And there are ways to eat it that won’t contort your face with bitterness, but rather turn your frown upside down, inside out, round and round.

Red Curry Curious


A good curry allows you to work with whatever fresh produce cycles through the growing season. There are almost as many curry recipes around the world as there are vegetables at the farmers market. I like Thai curry because it is the easiest to make and most delicious to taste.

Ode to Kohlrabi


Kohlrabi is an acquired taste. It’s bland, with a mild hint of mustard-like fire, and is surrounded by a tough, thick peel. “It tastes like the part of broccoli you throw away,” Sarah Aswell wrote for McSweeney’s in a piece called Your First CSA: A Month-By-Month Guide to Enjoying Your Farm Share. 

A Mother’s Day Cornucopia

Mother's Day
A Mother’s Day Cone-ucopia When Zeus was a newborn, his father wanted to eat him, so the future king of gods fled to a secret chamber beneath Mt. Ida on the Isle of Crete. There, baby Zeus drank the milk of a nymph goat named Almathea, which means “nurturing goddess”…


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