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Winter Greens


The farmers market used to be more of a summertime thing. When the landscape turns brown and white, our thoughts don’t rush off to the next farmers market. But don’t sleep on – or through – the winter Farmer’s Market. The colors of fresh veggies seem all the more vibrant against the grim backdrop of winter, and the flavors are like much-needed tastes of sunshine.

Chicken Husbandry


I’ve raised a lot of chickens. Probably hundreds. For eggs, not meat. I give them the best lives I can, including a generous retirement plan when they reach a certain age, with free room and board, yet they rarely arrive at those emerald pastures. Precious few have lived long enough to die in their sleep. I blame myself.  

Spud Bisque


Cooks often use starchy water from the pasta pot to thicken the marinara. Potato broth thickens the sauce even more, giving it a creamy flavor reminiscent of gnocchi, a pasta made with mashed potato. The bacon with which I had started the project, intended as a nod to carbonara, also turns out to be a perfect compliment to potato soup. 

The Real Moqueca


The smell of fried garlic hit me as soon I opened the door. It is quite possibly the most intoxicating aroma on earth. Alas, I feared it meant Edna had not waited, and that made me sad.

The Thickest Cocoa

Yolked cocoa poured over stiff whites, ready for the spoon   Whole Egg Chocolate     He stared at his hot chocolate like it held the secret to the universe – Lilith Saintcrow Blood is really warm It’s like drinking hot chocolate but with more screaming – Ryan Mecum  …

Rocky Mountain Lily Soup


French Onion soup is the world’s most elegant dish. Not the kind of elegance you’d find on a white tablecloth with extra silverware, but elegant in the sense that scientists use the word. Like when a simple equation can express the relationship between matter and energy with as few ingredients as a pot of French onion soup. 



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