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Fennel Salads


Every year, the growers will bring their frizzy-headed fennel bulbs to the farmers market. And then they’ve got some explaining to do. 

Potato Salad Perfection


Potato salad isn’t supposed to be a main event. Its humble job is to support other dishes as a kind of chunky mayonnaise, a creamy and tangy mortar between the important dishes. But the other day while I was enjoying some BBQ, the potato salad next to my epic piece of brisket almost stole the show. 

Primo Pasta Primavera

pasta, zucchini
Mac ‘n Cheese Primavera It translates to “Spring Pasta” from Italian, so forgive me for assuming Pasta Primavera is a classic springtime Italian dish. But while Primavera sounds classy, it turns out Pasta Primavera was invented in Nova Scotia during the summer of 1975. The bottom line is we can…


The Caviar of Turnips The main purpose of a turnip is to feed hungry people, and the hakurei (pronounced like “samurai”) turnip is no exception. We aren’t talking about the kind of hunger when you wonder when dinner will be ready. To eat most turnips, you need more a a…

Morel Superiority

These are from the 2006 burn in Alaska. Credit Ari LeVaux   This is the dish I call Wild Things In Praise of the Fungal Phoenix Morels have no psychoactive properties, but are definitely magical. The caps have a brainly look that might make you feel like you’re hallucinating, but…

Parsley Principles


Curly parsley is widely scorned by the culinary elite. Aspiring chefs absorb this disdain from a young age, and quickly understand that getting ahead in this game requires committing instead to the flat-leafed version, also called Italian parsley. But in my half-wilted parsley potato salad, carries the dish.



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