Christmas Sweater, and other beet dishes


I asked how they liked to eat beets. He leaned in conspiratorially. “Grated,” he said, gesticulating as much. “With Italian dressing.” He kissed his fingertips.

All About that Borscht

Borscht with deer neck and supermarket cherry tomatoes The Soul Food of Ukraine (Alt header: No Chickens in Kyiv) With the invasion happening in real time as I write this, I have no idea how the chips will have fallen by the time you read it. But one thing is…

Beet Greens; Parsley

beets, parsley

Farm-to-table cuisine has transformed America’s restaurant landscape. Menu word counts have blown up to include the history and identifying birthmarks of each ingredient. In just a few short years, farm-to-table has gone from buzzword to business model to cliché, tarnished by scams, dissed by contrarians.

Chocolate Beet Bar Bliss

beets, cocoa

Nobody will guess these bars have not only beets, but carrots. The amount of sugar you add is totally subjective. Taste the batter and decide-before adding the eggs, if you’re squeamish.  It will probably taste sweeter than you expected, thanks to the beet and carrot, but perhaps you’ll want it sweeter still.

Christmas Sweater

beets, Winter
Download: word.doc here | Image file here | Return to Editor’s Lounge Winter came early this year, but the Belarusian farmers at the winter market didn’t seem to mind. They hadn’t brought much, as their cucumbers and tomatoes were long gone, but they were beaming. They had beets. And as…

What Hospital Food Should Be

beets, nutrition
Download: word.doc here| Image files here | Return to Editor’s Lounge If you’ve ever spent time in a hospital, you’ve probably noticed the tepid platters of irony known as hospital food. In these facilities, where patients receive the best care that modern medicine can offer, the importance of food is…