Oreo Crusted Pumpkin Pie

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The message of Thanksgiving is rooted in a story about a diverse group of people cooperating with one another in order to survive the winter. And now, 399 years after the first feast, we’re facing another crisis. And this time, instead of getting together to cooperate, we all need to work together by staying apart. 

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Thanksgiving, as we observe it today, doesn’t have much in common with the original feast of 1621. The temperature of the vibe between the Pilgrims and Wampanoag was above comfort level at the dinner table, with some participants arriving ready to rumble. Come to think of it, maybe today’s Thanksgiving table hasn’t strayed too far, being notable for bringing together people from warring political tribes to break bread together, with notoriously mixed results. And this election year, especially, it seems like only social distancing measures might be able to keep apart drunk family members ready to get angry and sloppy.