Farmstand Corn Crepes

Corn Crepes with Fresh Salsa and pulled elk meat Farmstand Corn Crepes Roadside farmstands are making a comeback. They have been around forever, more common in some places then others. Growing up in New England I saw a lot of self-serve apple stands. Today, however, some of the farmstands where…

The New Food Network


A brand new farmstand sits on a dirt road on the outskirts of Huson, Montana, population 210. Out of the way does not begin to describe this location. Tracy Potter-Fins, owner of County Rail Farms, sets out the offerings for the farmstand’s second day of life. The first day had resulted in one sale, thanks to her post on Nextdoor, a neighborhood based social network.

Secreto Iberico

Agriculture, Spanish

“Quien corta el jamon en tu casa?” asked butcher, his breath smelling of wine. “Who cuts the ham in your house?”

“Yo,” I said, raising my hand. “Venga, entonces” he beckoned. “Come here, then.”

It’s Back: That Seedy Feeling

Agriculture, Winter

Seed catalogs can help make gardening fun, even in failure, and even when you aren’t gardening. They offer educational dreams where reality falls short, inspiring ambition and hope, however unrealistic, with colorful, flattering depictions of robust plants. To the successful gardener, seed catalogs are indispensable.