Parsley Principles


Curly parsley is widely scorned by the culinary elite. Aspiring chefs absorb this disdain from a young age, and quickly understand that getting ahead in this game requires committing instead to the flat-leafed version, also called Italian parsley. But in my half-wilted parsley potato salad, carries the dish.

Parsley Carrot Pad Thai

carrot, parsley

Some of my favorite recipes come from vegetable growers. Farm cooks know how to feed a bunch of people efficiently, with simple recipes made from basic ingredients that quickly produce mountains of delicious nourishment to energize the farm hands without weighing them down.

Beet Greens; Parsley

beets, parsley

Farm-to-table cuisine has transformed America’s restaurant landscape. Menu word counts have blown up to include the history and identifying birthmarks of each ingredient. In just a few short years, farm-to-table has gone from buzzword to business model to cliché, tarnished by scams, dissed by contrarians.