Parsley Carrot Pad Thai

carrot, parsley

Some of my favorite recipes come from vegetable growers. Farm cooks know how to feed a bunch of people efficiently, with simple recipes made from basic ingredients that quickly produce mountains of delicious nourishment to energize the farm hands without weighing them down.

Lawns, Gardens, Carrot Aioli

Ag, carrot

If you are lucky enough to have some land at your disposal, chances are you have been turning it over in your mind. Stuck at home, deprived of natural light, with grocery shopping less carefree than ever, it’s no wonder we start eyeing sections of lawn the way a hungry coyote might look at his pet rabbit.

Carrot Pasta

carrot, pasta

Carrot pasta epitomizes what a farm cook might prepare in winter, when time isn’t as short and a hot stove is appreciated. But carrots are always in season, which makes this a go-to dish any time of year. Rich, sweet, and full of fat and carbs, carrot pasta is what human beings care to eat.