bone stock

Homemade Bouillon

bone stock

Leftovers season stretches from Thanksgiving until early January. This year, I’m anticipating more leftovers than usual, as the average dinner party will be smaller, but the average turkey will not. Expect a lot of leftovers. For the first couple of leftover meals, you think, it just doesn’t get any better than this. But after a few meals of thawed and reheated turkey, it can start to get old. So why not make a batch of leftover turkey dinner bouillon?

Sourdough Stew

bone stock, stew

Sourdough Stew resembles a classic, simple meal: a bowl of soup and a piece of bread. Except in this case the bread seemed to have thought it was a bone, and snuck into the stock pot. When you try this rich, slightly tart chunky stew, you will be glad it did.