Corn Chip Migas


Migas is a crumby dish. Literally. The word means “crumbs” in Spanish. And it is a method as much as a recipe, a way to use stale bread, and later, old tortillas. An Iberian dish that was once popular with hunters and mountain people in the south Spain and Portugal, it made its way to Mexico and Texas, always prepared differently wherever it took hold.

Caprese Frittata

basil, eggs

Caprese Frittata is a juggernaut at the table. Each bite is an adventure, with tart tomatoes, chewy cheese, aromatic basil and other flavors combining into fireworks. The texture was as captivating as the flavor, thanks to the mozzarella, potato and onions browning into a chewy skin that’s delightful to chew.

Chicken Husbandry


I’ve raised a lot of chickens. Probably hundreds. For eggs, not meat. I give them the best lives I can, including a generous retirement plan when they reach a certain age, with free room and board, yet they rarely arrive at those emerald pastures. Precious few have lived long enough to die in their sleep. I blame myself.  

Egg Salad


Once, when Mom was out for a visit, she made egg salad sandwiches. The kids wolfed them down before I had a chance to nab a sample. Their mouths were still full when they asked for another round.

I paid close attention as she prepared another batch, and watched her pull a move I didn’t even know existed. 

Tea Dyed Eggs


The egg came first. Let’s just get that out of the way. For millions of years before humans domesticated the feathered lizards known today as “chickens,” countless generations of amphibia and reptiles, including dinosaurs, were laying eggs. The egg is an amazing system for nurturing young beings that’s just plain awe-inspiring when you think about it. It’s also a delicious and beautiful form of animal protein that no animal had to die for.