Apple Boba Pudding

Click here for the Word file Apple Boba pudding   How I like them apples Apples can be work to eat, despite being full of sweet juice. Their tough skin requires energy to chew through, as does the rigid flesh.  Hence the expression, “if you won’t eat an apple, you…

Johnny Appletree


Autumn is the time for winding down and relaxing, so they say. It’s when we harvest the bounty of summer that was planted in spring, and sip our pumpkin spice lattes. This approach is not wrong, but it’s only part of the story. Because when the frost is on the pumpkin, wise gardeners get planting.

Liking Them Apples

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Apple jack-o’-lanterns
Download: word.doc here | Image file here | Return to Editor’s Lounge For the candy industry, Halloween is like Christmas. The five biggest candy shopping days of the year are all in October, as All Hallows’ Eve sells more candy than any other holiday. Before being co-opted by big sugar…