Primo Pasta Primavera

pasta, zucchini
Mac ‘n Cheese Primavera It translates to “Spring Pasta” from Italian, so forgive me for assuming Pasta Primavera is a classic springtime Italian dish. But while Primavera sounds classy, it turns out Pasta Primavera was invented in Nova Scotia during the summer of 1975. The bottom line is we can…

Kamut Pasta


A group of newly-acquainted food writers wandered up the cobbled roads of a Roman hill, presumably toward a Michelin-starred restaurant, in April of 2016.  Our loose parade extended half a block, whatever that means in Rome. Atop the hill was an architecture firm, in the penthouse of which awaited an 8-course dinner.

Carrot Pasta

carrot, pasta

Carrot pasta epitomizes what a farm cook might prepare in winter, when time isn’t as short and a hot stove is appreciated. But carrots are always in season, which makes this a go-to dish any time of year. Rich, sweet, and full of fat and carbs, carrot pasta is what human beings care to eat.