Holiday Fibers


Holiday Season dishes tend to be heavy on sweet and fat. Which is why some of my favorite meals this time of year involve kale. It’s not that I don’t enjoy a good Yorkshire pudding, or a bowl of buttery potatoes, or a sweet baked ham. Rather, it’s that pigging out on decadent foods like those make a fiber-rich dish like kale salad taste and feel all the better.

Where’s Caldo?


During my most recent visit to Fall River I found, amidst the wine-sauced littleneck clams, the grilled cod, scallops moçambique and Portuguese paella, it was a simple bowl of kale potato soup that stole the show.

Massaged Kale Salad


Now, rather than January, is the time to craft a plan that will help you navigate the treacherous temptations of the holiday food table. Here are some thoughts on the subject, followed by a recipe for massaged kale salad that is guaranteed to leave your belly happy and full of fiber.

Kale Chips

A Million Little Fibers “Normally, it’s gross,” announced my son Louie, setting up a discussion about a certain prospective snack ingredient. “It tastes like poop,” clarified his friend Ella. “I don’t usually like it,” observed my son Remy, who is the chef of the family. “But in this form I…

Kale Potato Salad

kale, potato

The blooming and greening of spring is lovely, but you can’t eat it.  The corn is ankle-high, the peaches leave a lot to the imagination, and many farmers and gardeners have barely planted out their tomatoes. But you can always eat Kale Potato Salad.

This salad is so transformative that even teenagers ask for it. I know a young woman who requested it for her graduation party. The combination of rosemary, celery seed

Food Oasis in the Concrete Desert 

Ag, Detroit, kale
Download: word.doc here | Image file here | Return to Editor’s Lounge Detroit was once a thriving city, riding the economic horsepower of the American auto industry while Motown music represented a glorious blossoming of African-American culture. The bright future began dimming in the 1970s, when fissures in the American…