Potato Salad Perfection


Potato salad isn’t supposed to be a main event. Its humble job is to support other dishes as a kind of chunky mayonnaise, a creamy and tangy mortar between the important dishes. But the other day while I was enjoying some BBQ, the potato salad next to my epic piece of brisket almost stole the show. 

Spud Bisque


Cooks often use starchy water from the pasta pot to thicken the marinara. Potato broth thickens the sauce even more, giving it a creamy flavor reminiscent of gnocchi, a pasta made with mashed potato. The bacon with which I had started the project, intended as a nod to carbonara, also turns out to be a perfect compliment to potato soup. 

Kale Potato Salad

kale, potato

The blooming and greening of spring is lovely, but you can’t eat it.  The corn is ankle-high, the peaches leave a lot to the imagination, and many farmers and gardeners have barely planted out their tomatoes. But you can always eat Kale Potato Salad.

This salad is so transformative that even teenagers ask for it. I know a young woman who requested it for her graduation party. The combination of rosemary, celery seed

Potato Thing

Download word.doc here | Image file here and here| Return to Editor’s Lounge Updated January 20, 2020 Potato Thing doubles as a piece of toast It’s a Potato. It’s a Thing. This potato thing sizzled into my life when my 6-year-old decided to cook a potato. He grated a spud,…